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Skyrim Spell and Shout ID List

The skyrim spell and shout id list is helpful while using two types of cheats or commands;

  • addshout
  • addspell [ID code]

So here is the complete list of all the spell and shout ids.

Skyrim shout codes

player.teachword 13E22FUS = ForceUnrelenting Force
player.teachword 13E23RO = BalanceUnrelenting Force
player.teachword 13E24DAH (D4) = PushUnrelenting Force
player.teachword 60294LAAS (L1s) = LifeAura Whisper
player.teachword 60295YAH (Y4) = SeekAura Whisper
player.teachword 60296NIR (N7) = HuntAura Whisper
player.teachword 602A3IIZ (3Z) = IceIce Form
player.teachword 602A4SLEN = FleshIce Form
player.teachword 602A5NUS = StatueIce Form
player.teachword 6029ASTRUN = StormStorm Call
player.teachword 6029BBAH (B4) = WrathStorm Call
player.teachword 6029CQO = LightningStorm Call
player.teachword 20E17YOL = FireFire Breath
player.teachword 20E18TOOR (T8R) = InfernoFire Breath
player.teachword 20E19KREIN (SHUL) = SunFire Breath
player.teachword 48ACATIID = TimeSlow Time
player.teachword 48ACBKLO = SandSlow Time
player.teachword 48ACCUL = EternitySlow Time
player.teachword 2F7BBWULD = WhirlwindWhirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 2F7BCNAH = FuryWhirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 2F7BDKEST = TempestWhirlwind Sprint
player.teachword 60291RAAN = AnimalAnimal Allegiance
player.teachword 60292MIR = AllegianceAnimal Allegiance
player.teachword 60293TAH = PackAnimal Allegiance
player.teachword 3291DSU = AirElemental Fury
player.teachword 3291EGRAH = BattleElemental Fury
player.teachword 3291FDUN = FuryElemental Fury
player.teachword 32917FEIM = FadeBecome Ethereal
player.teachword 32918ZI = SpiritBecome Ethereal
player.teachword 32919GRON = BindBecome Ethereal
player.teachword 5D16CFO = FrostFrost Breath
player.teachword 5D16DKRAH = ColdFrost Breath
player.teachword 5D16EDIIN = FreezeFrost Breath
player.teachword 602A0ZUL = VoiceThrow Voice
player.teachword 602A1MEY = FoolThrow Voice
player.teachword 602A2GUT = FarThrow Voice
player.teachword 5FB95ZUN = WeaponDisarm
player.teachword 5FB96HAAL = HandDisarm
player.teachword 5FB97VIIK = DefeatDisarm
player.teachword 3CD31LOK = SkyClear Skies
player.teachword 3CD32VAH = SpringClear Skies
player.teachword 3CD33KOOR = SummerClear Skies
player.teachword 51960HUN = HeroCall of Valor
player.teachword 51961KAAR = ChampionCall of Valor
player.teachword 51962ZOOL = LegendCall of Valor
player.teachword 44251JOOR = MortalDragonrend
player.teachword 44252ZAH = FiniteDragonrend
player.teachword 44253FRUL = TemporaryDragonrend
player.teachword 60297KRII = KillMarked for Death
player.teachword 60298LUN = LeechMarked for Death
player.teachword 60299AUS = SufferMarked for Death
player.teachword 46B89OD = SnowCall Dragon
player.teachword 46B8AAH (4) = HunterCall Dragon
player.teachword 46B8BVIING = WingCall Dragon
player.teachword 6029DKAAN = KyneKyne’s Peace
player.teachword 6029EDREM = PeaceKyne’s Peace
player.teachword 6029FOV = TrustKyne’s Peace
player.teachword 3291AFAAS = FearDismay
player.teachword 3291BRU = RunDismay
player.teachword 3291CMAAR = TerrorDismay

Dawnguard shout codes

player.teachword XX007CB7Rii = EssenceSoul Tear
player.teachword XX007CB8Vaaz = TearSoul Tear
player.teachword XX007CB9Zol = ZombieSoul Tear
player.teachword XX0030D4Dur (D6) = CurseSummon Durnehviir
player.teachword XX0030D6Neh = NeverSummon Durnehviir
player.teachword XX0030D7Viir (V3r) = DyingSummon Durnehviir
player.teachword XX008A65Gaan (G1n) = StaminaDrain Vitality
player.teachword XX008A64Lah (L4) = MagickaDrain Vitality
player.teachword XX008A63Haas (H1s) = HealthDrain Vitality
player.teachword XX01A162Diil (D3l) = UndeadSoul Cairn Summon
player.teachword XX01A163Qoth = TombSoul Cairn Summon
player.teachword XX01A164Zaam (Z1m) = SlaveSoul Cairn Summon

For the above shouts XX represents the Load Order of your Dawnguard DLC. For instance, if Skyrim.esm is 00, Update.esm is 01, and your Dawnguard.esm was loaded next then it would be 02. So you would replace XX with 02.

Dragonborn shout codes

player.teachword XX0200E4Mid = LoyalBattle Fury
player.teachword XX0200E5Vur (V6) = ValorBattle Fury
player.teachword XX0200E6Shaan (Sh1n) = InspireBattle Fury
player.teachword XX0179D9Gol = EarthBend Will
player.teachword XX0179DAHa (H4) = MindBend Will
player.teachword XX0179DBDov = DragonBend Will
player.teachword XX0200C2Ven = WindCyclone
player.teachword XX0200C3Gar (G1r) = UnleashCyclone
player.teachword XX0200C4Nos = StrikeCyclone
player.teachword XX01DF93Mul = StrengthDragon Aspect
player.teachword XX01DF94Qah (Q4) = ArmorDragon Aspect
player.teachword XX01DF95Diiv (D3v) = WyrmDragon Aspect

For the above shouts XX represents the Load Order of your Dragonborn DLC. So you may for instance replace XX with 04 if you have DawnguardHearthfire, and Dragonborn DLC’s with Dragonborn loading last. If you have a mod manager it will likely list the load order for you.

Summon Spectral Clone

player.teachword 2F2CCFiik – MirrorSummon Spectral Clone
player.teachword 2F2CDLo – DeceiveSummon Spectral Clone
player.teachword 2F2CESah – PhantomSummon Spectral Clone

The Dragonborn can use this shout and even has their own voice file.

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